An Idea Worth Sharing

“A person worth knowing, with an idea worth sharing.”  That is my friend and Marketing Partner, Nick Skolsky’s favorite expression.  I proudly stole it and use it for the basis for this site.

nick and his bentley

I firmly believe that any one can succeed, especially here in America. I also believe and know first hand that one can fail just as well.  I have done both. From land rich and cash poor, a rather active hitch in the Army, morphing into an entrepreneur by finding a way to make a hobby pay and pay well.  Cashing out and retired in my 40’s and living my dream of RV’ing.  Being paid to write about living on The Roads Less Traveled, as seen from the driver’s seat of a 40 foot motor coach as I crisscrossed the United States from Ocean to Ocean to Gulf. OK, OK the publisher and I DID had some issues about my not wanting to write about anything north of I-40, but having lived in New England and South Dakota, I already know about cold and snow and felt most RV’ers wanted warmer climates.

Add to those experiences a messy divorce, 2 bouts of cancer, a bankruptcy and finding myself at 50 something working for the heirs of Sam Walton while starting all over again. Frankly, there are days I think that more is to be learned from these events and causes than the successes I had.

So come along with me, while I share an idea or three, on building multiple income streams, limiting liability and taxes while protecting capital and building real multi-generational wealth.  So buckle up, let’s have some fun, and find out what is up around the bend, on The Road Less Traveled.